Fitness in Fuerteventura

Whenever you ask people what they most look forward to during the year, the word “vacation” will nearly always feature somewhere in their answer. And who can blame them? Even the thought of going away conjures images of relaxation, switching off your phone and generally de-stressing. What's not to love? But while you’re dreaming at … Continue reading Fitness in Fuerteventura


Flying High: Discovering Aerial Fitness

I first came across aerial fitness on a recent trip to New York City at the fantastic yoga studio Studio Anya. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but feeling adventurous I stepped into the class and soon found myself feeling pleasantly overwhelmed by both the sensations and emotions of “floating” but also by the … Continue reading Flying High: Discovering Aerial Fitness

Move outdoors! : The benefits of exercising outside

These days, most people work in an office and spend most of their time indoors in air-conditioned building. So spending more “indoor time” at the gym after work might not be so appealing, especially once the warm weather starts and more of daily life is taking place outdoors. Here are some health benefits to taking … Continue reading Move outdoors! : The benefits of exercising outside

Fitness & Relaxation in Madeira

On an atlantic island located off the south-west coast of Portugal, discover beautiful scenery and a gym with an ocean view. Ideal for: Nature and sport addicts, families and single travellers. Where? Less than two hours’ flight from Lisbon lies the Portuguese island of Madeira, a wonderful natural location and an ideal place for outdoor activities such … Continue reading Fitness & Relaxation in Madeira