Gaby – Brussels

I am happy and in a good shape by following Ninette’s online classes over holiday weekend and weekdays. Should it be HIT or pilates, I have a renewed body and spine after the class. Thank you Ninette.

Jeanne-Marie – Brussels

I have had the opportunity to attend all kinds of classes from live to virtual ones over the last 2 years. Ninette has proved to be such a fantastic, talented and professional coach, able to constantly adapt to a changing world and reality. She pays attention to everyone and does not hesitate to correct participant’s postures when necessary. She recalls all details and is able to to provide each person with alternative options if necessary, allowing participants to grow and buildup. Her imagination and innovation have no limit!

Monica – Brussels

Ninette is a top and wonderful fitness trainer and Pilates specialist! I’ve been going to her classes for about a year now and she’s one of the most enthusiastic and positive trainers I’ve ever worked with. She combines perfectly different different training methodologies to get the best of you (HIIT, weight training, Pilates, stretching,…). Besides, she has a very positive attitude and manages to motivate you even when you feel a bit lazy. Since I started to regularly follow Ninette’s classes both at Aspria and online I really feel fantastic. I would fully recommend her classes and trainings!

Nicolas – Brussels

Ninette proposed well structures classes, offering options for all fitness levels, addressing participants individually for movement corrections and extra motivation. It is healthy and fun!

Urska – Slovenia

The best coach you can get and the best workouts. Different online classes allowing you to choose your level and all are super fun. She rocks!

Sonia – Brussels

I have known Ninette at Jims where she was coaching. Already appreciated her personalized approach (although it was a group class) and that her workouts were so diverse. So I was very thrilled when I learned that she was doing online workouts since the very beginning (!) of the first lockdown. Ninette continues to correct people in their moves and postures (as via Zoom), there is one workout everyday (always diverse)! I recommend without hesitation Ninette’s workouts and she is so friendly !

Ellen – Dublin

For quite some time I’ve been looking for an active getaway that still feels like a proper holiday and is also affordable. When I came across Shapecation I thought it might just what I had in mind.  It was easy to book my place, Ninette has been very responsive throughout and very well organised, providing relevant information and answering any additional questions I had in the lead up. The retreat was everything I imagined and more. The accommodation was perfect and spacious for the number of participants, close to the sea but also conveniently located to public transport and amenities. The fitness programme was fantastic. Ninette is an amazing coach, making sure that everyone -no matter what fitness level- is well looked after and challenged during the workouts. She effortlessly switches between languages to ensure participants understand how to execute the individual exercises and do not hurt themselves. Ninette is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does, which really shines through her work. Even though the workouts are tough it is equally a pleasure to be working out with her. The retreat didn’t just end there, it also included wellness (like morning yoga sessions) and free time to yourself. That means everyone gets to decide for themselves whether to book extra training or wellness sessions or spend time sightseeing, sitting by the sea, going hiking, alone or with other people in the group. Last year’s retreat has most certainly made it to the very top of my all-time favourite holiday list. It was the perfect mix of being active, relaxing, meeting (new) like-minded people and enjoying the Spanish sun. It was a no-brainer: I booked for the next retreat again and counting the days for it to start. 

Helena – Brussels

Thank you Ninette for the amazing Fitness-retreat! What better way to spend a weekend and forget all everyday duties than to join a merry group that have their well-being in common! Do not hesitate, even if you don’t know anybody – a retreat away from the city, fresh air, tough exercises, healthy food and vibrant discussions in the evening will shake away any shyness that you might have!

Jackie N. – Brussels

I’ve been going to Ninette’s classes for about a year now and she’s one of the most enthusiastic and positive trainers I’ve ever worked with. She really pushes you to achieve your best and I’ve grown so much stronger since attending her classes. I’ve also been on two retreats organised by her and they are just amazing, a true break from routine and wholly revitalising. A fantastic trainer and a wonderful person!

Anamaria – Brussels:
I have been training with Ninette for the past few months. I fully recommend her for her professionalism, caring personality and her energy. It’s the best training I’ve done so far.

Meg – Brussels:
I went on my daily dog walks, and thought that was good enough. But my bad back and too much sitting took their toll. So I started working out with Ninette. She got me off my seat and on the move with work friends who made exercise fun. Now, I actually look forward to workouts.

Maria B. – Brussels:
Ninette has got to be one of the most motivated and upbeat personal trainers that I have ever met. Her infectious positivity is what I need during my lunchbreak sessions and I value her encouragement. Ninette has introduced me to a whole new way of training and continues to show me new and fun exercises! She also helped me understand the importance of correct posture. Ninette definitely knows her stuff, and when I couldn’t manage something, would provide a variation that allowed me to build up to the full exercise. I trust and value her guidance to drive me forward and would wholeheartedly recommend Ninette as a trainer, without reservation.

Gabson Nendaks – Fitness & Artistic Director, Level Coaching : Dubai, France, Belgium

Excellente coach cours collectifs!

Daphne – Brussels

For a very long time, I thought that it would be impossible for me to one day actually enjoy doing sports.  I have tried many different ways of taking up more physical activity, signing up to the gym, taking up classes but I always ended up dropping out. In all honesty, Ninette’s coaching and workout classes were a life changer. Her approach to exercising and people, her contagious passion and enthusiasm would make anyone change their mind about sports. She is fully committed to the people she is training and will make sure you reach your goal in the most effective and fun way possible. I fully recommend joining her classes.

Maria S. – Brussels

I started joining Ninette’s workout in the park a few months ago and now I can’t live without it! She is a great trainer and always comes up with with all sorts of workouts using trees, benches and also each other’s body weight. We are a small group of people that not only work out together during lunch break but also have loads of fun! I definitely recommend her!