I am an experienced and passionate fitness instructor, personal trainer and nutritional advisor based in Brussels, Belgium. My main focus is working with clients who want to improve their overall health and lifestyle and/or loose weight by combining (functional) exercise and changing eating habits. Sport and nutrition are inextricable and one without the other will not result in the aimed for results.

I am is continuously attending trainings around Europe and updating my skills and expertise by training in the latest techniques to stay up to date and have the latest information and studies at my disposal and help my clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

I teach group classes at a number of gyms. German, English, French and Spanish are the languages I teach in.  To find out where you can attend one of my classes and train with me, please visit the Personal Training & Classes page.

I also organise tailor-made Fitness Retreats retreats around Europe. The retreats are individualised and affordable fitness holidays with an holistic approach to well-being, training the body and relaxing the mind to leave the hectic and stressful daily lives behind for a couple of days.  For more information please check out the Fitness Retreats page.

I love to travel and combine working out while traveling and constantly looking for new fitness and workout trends all over the world which I share in the Fitness & Travel section.