Junk-Free June

“For many, eating non-nutritious junk is tantamount to doing drugs.”
– Emma Hogan, Les Mills

With the beginning of June we start to feel summer on our doorstep. It’s a key time of year for many people to review their health and fitness regime.

As a fitness coach, it’s incredibly important that I help my clients by motivating them during classes and ensuring that they use correct form so that they can get the best from their workouts.

However, great results don’t just come from exercise and a common complaint is that despite regular workouts, some stubborn areas simply refuse to improve. This is where the importance of maintaining good nutrition alongside your workout regime comes into play, but where to start?

Firstly, get into the spirit of Junk-Free June! It’s a great time to recommit to living a healthier lifestyle, empty your cupboards of all those foods that have no real nutritional value and learn how to choose foods more suited to giving your body everything it needs to be balanced, strong and healthy.

For English readers looking for some great tips to kick-start a Junk-Free June, I’d recommend that you check out  The Perfect Time to Prove You’re No Addict from Les Mills, which offers some straightforward advice delivered in four simple steps to help you improve your eating habits.

“Quoi que vous fassiez comme sport, quel que soit le nombre d’heures que vous passez à vous entraîner, le nombre de litres d’eau que vous suez, et la qualité du programme que vous suivez, vos efforts ne serviront à rien si vous ne changez pas drastiquement vos habitudes alimentaires”
– Lionel Gonnet, Personal Trainer

9782365490238.jpgFor French readers,  I’ve recently been reading a book by Lionel Gonnet, a personal trainer and author of En finir avec les poignées d’amour, in which he examines the role that hormones such as insulin have to play when it comes to our body shape, and how eating cleanly can help us to maintain the correct levels of these hormones for a fit and healthy body.

It’s an interesting and thought-provoking read for anyone looking to improve their nutritional mindset and I’d highly recommend it as a book which will offer a different perspective on why it is so important to eat well to get the results you’re looking for.


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