Flying High: Discovering Aerial Fitness

I first came across aerial fitness on a recent trip to New York City at the fantastic yoga studio Studio Anya. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but feeling adventurous I stepped into the class and soon found myself feeling pleasantly overwhelmed by both the sensations and emotions of “floating” but also by the intense workout that aerial fitness provides. It may look easy but you’ll quickly find that much of the class is especially designed to increase your core and upper body strength, and it’s a lot of fun! I particularly enjoyed the sensations of flying and seeing the world from a different perspective, and the experience motivated me to follow up that class with a full training course to add to my repertoire, which also helped me to learn more about the practical side to aerial fitness.

Aerial fitness comes in many forms, the most common being aerial yoga, and all offer unique opportunities to exercise in a way that is totally different from anything you may already be used to, and there are some real advantages to incorporating a hammock into your exercise routine:

  • poses that are challenging on the floor are easier as the hammock provides support;
  • aerial fitness gradually increases flexibility and works the entire body;
  • being suspended allows for decompression of the spine and eases back pain;
  • aerial fitness gives great core strength as you need to maintain your balance throughout the class;
  • being upside down improves blood circulation;
  • it’s great for the digestive system;
  • it also helps to release tension and relieve emotional stress.

As an added bonus, classes usually end with a short back massage through the fabric while you are in your own little hammock-cocoon, which feels amazing! You can buy your own hammock in your favorite color here. Reliable and fast shipping.

Aerial fitness is a relatively new addition to the Brussels workout scene, so if you are interested in learning more or even trying it our for yourself, here are a few locations which are currently offering classes.

  • Aspria Arts-Loi (Sundays at 17h00, beginners; Tuesdays 12:30 advanced; Thursdays 19:00)

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