Fitness Retreats

Waking up with the sunshine shimmering through the curtains, stretching on the beach and breakfast waiting for you on the terrace. Taking some time to read a book or take a dip into the ocean before doing the first workout of the day….tapas for lunch….a deep tissue massage in the sun…and the afternoon free to explore or sunbath….a home cooked healthy meal for dinner.

Does this sound really amazing to you?

This is how a typical day looks like during the fitness retreat. Getting out of the city, staying at a seaside villa with the beach at your footstep and sharing amazing moments with like-minded people. Stressful daily lives behind a desk, hustling from appointment to appointment or one meeting to the next, the urge to multitask and combine work and family life, can make it difficult to find time for yourself, relax and recharge your batteries. This active getaway provides the time and frame to disconnect, recharge your batteries and take a deep breath of vitamin sea! You are free to organize your day at your own pace and liking. Wether you enjoy working out, treating yourself to a massage or doing something creative…we provide the framework and expertise….you design your perfect holiday.