Fitness in Fuerteventura

Whenever you ask people what they most look forward to during the year, the word vacation will nearly always feature somewhere in their answer. And who can blame them? Even the thought of going away conjures images of relaxation, switching off your phone and generally de-stressing. What’s not to love? But while you’re dreaming at your desk, don’t forget: all of these can be achieved without neglecting your workout routine. After all, working out plays a key role in both physical and mental health so it’s only natural that it should play a role in your vacation-planning to ensure that you return relaxed and feeling great!

One destination that I’d particularly recommend for active travellers is Fuerteventura. There are so many activities on offer, with options ranging from surfing to stand up paddle-boarding (SUP), diving, yoga to name just a few.

Surfing is probably the most popular local sport, which is why the island is often referred to as the “European Hawaii” (the World Surf Cup even takes place here). You can find loads of surf schools offering packages which combine surfing lessons with other activities, such as: surf & yoga, or surf & Spanish.

The Spanish and Surf School is particularly good place to go as it’s a very well organised company and its surf-house has an amazing ocean view to keep you in the mood throughout your whole trip.

If you’re a fan of the ocean, another activity to discover in Fuerteventura is SUP. It’s a great full body workout which will give you incredible core and upper body strength while at the same time improving balance and coordination. For those really looking for a challenge, you could also try doing some of your favourite yoga poses on the board with SUP Yoga. As balance exercises go, it’s hard to beat!


A word of warning though: SUP may seem easy, but a good technique and a good instructor are indispensible to ensure you get the most out of your experience! In the town of Corralejo, I found one of the most fantastic (and possibly the most patient) instructors on the island, by the name of Paolo, at the Fuerte Tribu Surf Club.

When you’ve had enough of the ocean and need some solid ground under your feet, I can also recommend a secret little gym hidden below street-level in Corralejo, called Clinic Sport Corralejo. Looking to combine working out with working on your Spanish? This is definitely the place to go as the  majority of the clientele are locals, making it a great place to practice your language and training skills at the same time. The workout style is similar to that of CrossFit: using big truck wheels, ropes, rings – whatever you need to push your athletic limits to the next level. You can see more on their Instagram page: @cliniquesportcorralejo 

Variety keeps things interesting and we all like to change our routines from time-to-time,  so take advantage of your vacation as a perfect opportunity to try new forms of exercise in a totally different environment, creating vivid memories of new activities in exciting places against amazing backdrops of sun, sea, and beach that you can tell your friends about when you get home!


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