Another Year, Another Try: New Years Resolutions 2018

And here we are again!! January….2018….a new year….new resolutions! I remember writing about new years resolutions pretty much exactly one year ago. As every year gyms are packed, classes fill up, parcs are flooded with runners over lunch….everyone is oh so motivated to finally make it happen THIS year. 2018 it is!!! And yet….in about 2-3 weeks, maybe 4….faces disappear, excused will be made, work and/or kids will take up too much time and so on and so on.

So I was wondering what we could do differently this time around and actually make resolutions last? Now I am not going to pretend I can reinvent the wheel….but I can try to provide some (hopefully) useful advice:

  • Being healthy and active is not about having time or not, it’s about priorities. One very simple question: What is more important, your health or an extra hour in the office? Only one person is in control of your time: you! And your are worth investing time in your health.
  • Write it down! Something that is written black on white in your agenda is easier to follow through.
  • Accountability. Find a workout buddy or get a personal trainer. You are less likely to cancel if you have someone waiting for you at the gym.
  • Set realistic goals! If you think you loose 10 kilos in one week and be able to run a marathon after 2 weeks of training, think again. Getting fit and more importantly staying in shape is a continuous process. For long term results and lasting change you will be in this for the long run and it will be part of your life.
  • When the first doubt creeps in and you are about to give up, remind yourself why you decided to do it in the first place.

If all of the above did not convince you, maybe this will:

Benefits of working out:

  • Better overall mood and higher energy levels
  • Better sleep behavior
  • Potential weight loss
  • Better memory and brain capacity
  • Chronic disease prevention (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc.)
  • Social life and new people

Still looking for that opportunity to get your New Years Resolutions started? Then join me and like minded people for this year’s first Body & Mind Retreat to get a healthy and active start of 2018. More information here.



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