Fitness vacation in the Canarian Islands

If you occasionally read my blog you know that I love, love, love to travel, love the ocean and enjoy being outdoors, but dislike not being able to have a working out routine while away. So what I do most of the times, I go to a local gym, discover new classes and fitness trends an meet locals (which is a big plus) or simply for a run on the beach, but only cardio training is not enough. However, living in a country where sunshine and nice weather is rather rare and needing to be outdoors as much as I need to breathe…..I don’t want to spend any additional indoor time when on vacation. That is when I came across Club La Santa in Lanzarote which offers the majority of activities and classes outdoors, and decided to give it a try. Mainly known for professional athletes and training camps, La Santa is also a great place for a little less experienced as well as occasional athletes that finally want to get that head start on working out or want to kick their gym routine up a notch. 90% of all activities are outdoors, from Body Pump, stretching, street workout to team sports and SUP (waters are very calm and ideal for SUP Yoga), a fact that really was the deal maker for me. Working out AND getting a tan? I am sold on that one 😉

La Santa additionally offers a bunch of new and current fitness trends that are usually not found in one single gym back home. They also have an in-house sports physiotherapy with a wide range of massages, the beach across the street and magnificent outdoor bar for the after-workout cocktail 😉

Of course there are a lot of other active vacation spots in the Canarian Islands and Morocco. Stay tuned for my next destination.




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