Working out? Start slow and be smart

Oftentimes people joining a gym or starting a physical activity/sport are looking for immediate results and do not want to “waste time” with boring things like an assessment, posture analysis or a slow start. What they want are results….quickly! Being permanently flooded with tons of extremely cool, fancy, fun and creative workouts on social media….loads of new and colourful utensils encourages people to jump in medias res and get results (that is amazing bodies, six packs, biceps, etc.) right here, right now… Looking fabulous on a dance pole, doing some impressive acrobatic figure in Aerial Yoga or Power Yoga, holding a handstand for 2 minutes or squatting with a heavy barbell in Body Pump sounds great….but let me tell you….all of this is not possible (at least not in a safe and healthy way) without a strong base, including great core strength and stability. Houses are not build without a solid foundation, are they?….they would be destined to collapse. The same is true for our body, injuries are the result of getting ahead of ourselves and forgetting to take a precise, focused and systematic approach.  Start by building the foundation first and then add on top of that step by step.  Any good personal trainer or coach will guide his/her clients through the process and adapt the program to the specific goals and needs. In case your are not training with a professional coach and prefer group classes, maybe take a step down from intensive options in your body attack class, take a few kilos off your barbell and focus first and foremost on technique and a clean execution of movements and add these couple of minutes to plank or to stretch. At the end of the day, workout should increase life quality and prevent injuries, not create them.


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