New Year’s resolutions, One month in

One month into the New Year I wonder what happened to the New Year’s resolutions? Surely everyone has (secretly) committed to one or more of these for 2017….I have too…

But how are things going by now? Still going to the gym three times a week? Still cutting back on chocolate and candy? Or already given up, caught up in work, busy lives and family obligations? … I thought so!! That is the reason why I do not like New Year’s resolutions. Why would habits change from one day to the other and why would stop doing or not doing something between December 31st and January 1st?

I trust the solution is much simpler and less drastic than this. Change your habits and lifestyle gradually but permanently and slowly move towards bringing the desired change to your life. To simply stop eating fast food or candy will not change your life life and will certainly not bring along the desired results and will only result in frustration….however, gradually improving choices and becoming aware of lifestyle, does. So why not start by changing the little daily things, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to the office in the morning or going to the gym half an hour over lunch? Maybe start by preparing your own lunch at home and avoid eating heavy sandwiches or pizza over lunch (which’ll save money on top of that). All of these things will feed the appetite for a healthier life and make you want to change habits and actually want to be more active and more conscious about daily choices. Being active will make you want to eat healthy to have more energy and more power and soon you will realize how much better and fitter you feel, the weight loss is then a welcome side effect. It will no longer be an effort or a sacrifice but a natural thing to do. The routine will be part of daily life and instead of debating whether to go hit the gym or not, it will almost be like “when can I finally go to the gym”. Make space in your daily life for things that are good for you, allow yourself that half hour to workout, meditate, walk or whatever it is that makes you happy and feel energised, your body and mind are worth it.


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