Online Group Classes

Do you want to workout and stay fit from the comfort and safety of your home? Or would you like to keep up your fitness routine when traveling for holidays or business? It has never been easier and more convenient than now! Join my Zoom live online classes from anywhere in the world. Classes last 40 minutes each and are donation based – pay what you want.

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Formerly called “Contrology” Pilates is a great and efficient workout for anyone. The Pilates training consists of low impact exercises which are strengthening and mobilizing the body. One of the great things about Pilates is that is for anyone, regardless of age, physical condition or previous injuries. The main focus in Pilates is the “powerhouse” (core). All exercises are based on the core in order to create a strong foundation for daily life or any other sport.

Pilates Ball

Full Body Workout

Is a workout combining exercises for lower and upper body as well as the core to improve overall strength to be fitter and healthier. By combining lower and upper body, muscles have more time for recovery. This class uses weights and fitness bands as weight training is the best way to loose body fat by burning calories. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Alternative to weights can be water bottles for example.

Back Strength

Back strength is a low intensity workout focused on strengthening the back muscles using only body weight. Back muscles are essential for a healthy body as they stabilize your spine, hence prevent injuries and back pain and improve your posture. A sedentary lifestyle, worsened by home office, is extremely detrimental for posture, which can result in headaches or neck and shoulder pain.

Stretch & Strength


Body Weight Training